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The ProTec-Family – an overview.

  • Text
  • Protec
  • Length
  • Element
  • Mobile
  • Barriers
  • Structural
  • Width
  • Installation
  • Containment
  • Height

Containment level

Containment level Effective range ProTec 100 W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 W6 ASI A ProTec 50 ASI A T1 ProTec 120 ProTec 121 ASI A ProTec 50 City ASI A ProTec 80 ASI A ProTec 51 ASI A ProTec 121 ASI A ASI A ProTec 100 ProTec 51 ASI A ProTec 120 ASI A T3 ProTec 80 ASI A ASI B ASI B ProTec 160 ProTec 120 ProTec 80 ASI A H1 ProTec 121 ASI B ProTec 100 ASI A Combination example for a force-fit connection across the whole ProTec family. ProTec 50/51 Transition element ProTec 50/51 to ProTec 120/121 Transition element ProTec 120/121 to ProTec 160 ProTec 160

Special elements available for all crash barriers: Start/end element Start/end element Turning element Tipping length limitation (KLB) Tipping length limitation (KLB) System transition Dilatation element Dilatation element Transition to stationary crash barrier Fast access for emergency services: ProTec-Tor 50 ProTec-Tor 120 We have developed ProTec-Tor 50 and ProTec-Tor 120 as easily separated elements for mobile crash barriers that can be opened quickly in an emergency without needing tools. Just a couple of simple actions are all it takes to release the force-fit connection of the crash barriers and open the ProTec-Tor 50 or ProTec-Tor 120 elements. The resulting emergency opening then gives the fire brigade, emergency services and police easy access through the otherwise closed, mobile crash barrier. In special cases it is also possible for traffic to be diverted away through the emergency opening.

Kataloge und Broschüren / Catalogues and Broschures

Product Catalogue Berghaus Verkehrstechnik.
MPB 44 M/S – mobiles Ampelsystem für bis zu 12 Gruppen.
FG 2 – 12 V / 230 V – die mobile Fußgänger-Signalanlage.
Signalanlage MPB 4400 – eine Ampel für „alle Fälle“.
Signalanlage MPB 3400 – erweiterbar bis zur Kreuzung.
Signalanlage MPB 3200 – die preiswerte Funkampel.
Signalanlage MPB 1400 – die preiswerte Baustellenampel.