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Product Catalogue 2018-2020

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Innovative traffic technology from one single source.

Service Control unit

Service Control unit including accessories Ordering Information Description Order No. Price € + VAT 154 Service Control GPS The handy Service Control GPS unit allows you to extensively check all maintenance criteria demanded in point 7 (6) of the ZTV-SA 97 with electronic recording of your daily inspection trips. You receive counterfeit-proof documentation with date, exact time, coordinates (GPS) and the work performed. You can verify at all times that and when you fulfilled your inspection obligations and checked road signs, road markings, directing elements, traffic, lighting and protection systems on site. Service Control GPS features: • Robust industrial housing, IP code IP 65 / DIN EN 60529 • OLED graphic display, excellent legibility even at subzero temperatures Display of charge status and satellite signal strength • Intuitive handling with four soft keys and two additional buttons Integrated clock and GPS module for precise position tracking • Printout and data storage with digital signature, therefore counterfeit-proof Integrated RFID reader for all Berghaus ID tags • Internal memory with capacity for up to 499 maintenance cycles • LiPo high-powered battery for extended operating times SC 1000 1.300,00 155 Table fixture for Service Control GPS Table fixture for Service Control GPS with connection for printer and battery charger. Including 230 volt USB charge adapter. SC 1032 297,00 156 Vehicle fixture for Service Control GPS Vehicle fixture with USB lead and 12 volt charge adapter for the cigarette lighter. The Service Control GPS is automatically recharged in this fixture during inspection trips. SC 1020 224,00 157 Printer for Service Control unit The printer can be used to print out all data collected in the Service Control unit. You will then receive a complete documentation of your maintenance trips sorted according to roadwork sites. Daily handwritten reports from your roadwork site team are no longer required. Printer with serial interface including connection cable SC 0030 515,00 158 Identification badge Each identification badge includes only its allocated, individual identifying number, which cannot be manipulated. It is assigned to a roadwork measure and is permanently installed on site. The identification badge is used to check in and check out each maintenance team member at the correspondingly marked roadwork site. At the start of any maintenance work, the technician reads the RFID code of the ID tag into the Service Control GPS for an electronic record of his presence on site and of the performed maintenance work. SC 0010 23,00 It is impossible to manipulate the data recorded by the Service Control GPS: The Service Control GPS comprises a selfcontained system that manages without a computer. All the data bear a digital signature so that it is not possible to change the logs in retrospect. This provides reliable verification of the place, time and scope of performed maintenance work. 52

LED lighting systems LED lighting systems – mobile lamps in daylight quality Mobile LED lighting systems are the ideal solution for roadworks and incidents in temporary need of plenty of light. They can also be used as a reliable light source for events, festivals and major gatherings. The mobile LED lighting systems are installed ready for operation with just a couple of simple actions in a few minutes. They are equipped with high-powered LED lamps and resistant to vibrations and shocks; it is impossible for the glass lamp to break. Depending on the specific version, mobile LED lighting systems are manufactured to be rain- and weatherproof for permanent use with IP code IP54 or IP65. In contrast to conventional technology, the mobile LED lighting systems go on and off without any start-up delay. Ballast units or complicated wiring are also superfluous, nor do the units need to cool down before they can be dismantled. The mobile LED lighting systems turn night into day at roadworks and construction sites or even events. Set them up, switch them on: they’re ready! 53

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