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Product Catalogue 2018-2020

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Innovative traffic technology from one single source.

Mounting devices for

Mounting devices for signs and traffic light systems Mobile mounting devices by Berghaus are made in accordance with the „Technical Delivery Conditions for Mounting Devices for Signs and Traffic Devices at Construction Sites“ (TL Mounting Devices 97) and tested by an IfS-certified expert. The stability classes assigned to the product can be simply read off the respective nameplate. This makes it easy to select the right TL base plate holder (or sign stand) and the necessary number of base plates required to achieve the necessary stability to ensure that road signs are mounted swiftly and safely and, in accordance with the guidelines, „sturdily, clearly visible and secured against rotation.“ Sign stands ⋅ Crash barrier holders ⋅ Ground anchors – tested as per „Mounting Devices 97“ TL-tested mounting devices for signs and traffic light systems We produce a wide range of different mounting devices to cover practically every application for fast, stable mounting of road and information signs, for overhead cabling of signals, as stand masts and high arms for traffic light systems. Mobile mounting devices by Peter Berghaus are manufactured according to the Technical Delivery Conditions for Mounting Devices for Signs and Traffic Systems at Roadwork Sites (TL Mounting Devices 97), and tested by certified experts. The large round and lattice aluminium masts have also undergone structural analysis testing. All steel or aluminium sign stands are marked according to the TL Mounting Devices. The tested stability safety classes attributed to the product (K) are obvious at a glance. This makes it easy to erect signs and road systems with all due stability quickly and safely according to the TL. Colour-coded allocation of the mounting devices Have you ever been uncertain which TL sign stand you should select and how many K1 base plates you need for safe and stable mounting of mobile road signs? While the ZTV-SA gives clear stipulations for road sign size and mounting height for use inside and outside built-up areas, it is often difficult to put the official table into practice. This is why we have colour-coded our sign stands to allocate them to the entries in the table, as you can see on the next few pages. By the way, higher stand classes include lower classes. For example, a K8 sign stand (green dot in the table) can also be used to mount road signs marked in our allocation with a purple, black, orange or yellow dot. This then helps you to always choose the right TL mounting device from our product range. 40

Allocation of the mounting devices 41

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