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Product Catalogue 2018-2020

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Innovative traffic technology from one single source.

PB CAM for intelligent

PB CAM for intelligent traffic telematics Ordering Information Description Order No. Price € + VAT 95 PB CAM video detector V.2.0 for all vehicle-actuated traffic light systems in the EPB and MPB series by Peter Berghaus GmbH for detecting the presence of vehicles in the vicinity of traffic light systems. The detection system has eight free monitoring zones. On installing the PB CAM, these are simply drawn on the laptop or PC monitor as virtual contact loops in the course of the road. Up to eight detection zones can be allocated quickly and easily using the mouse in any size and direction to the four freely configurable switching outputs. The power supply for the PB CAM comes from the traffic light controller. PB CAM is supplied complete with approx. 1 m connection lead with plug connector, galvanised rotating and swivelling fixture and the necessary software. EP 2370 2.684,00 96 Connection lead PB CAM with connection module Connection lead between PB CAM and connection module, for outdoor use, 12 x 0.25 mm screened cable (black), complete with 12-pin water-proof metal plug and coupling. Cable: 10 m long Cable: 30 m long Cable: 50 m long Cable: 100 m long EP 2380 EP 2381 EP 2382 EP 2383 117,00 181,00 245,00 360,00 97 Connection module for Berghaus PB CAM Connection module for Berghaus PB CAM video detector V.2.0 for installation in the immediate vicinity of the traffic light controller, complete in waterproof housing with evaluation PCB and interface adapter RS232 to RS485, 1 x camera jack, 1 x PC jack, 4 x jacks for output 1 to 4 and fixture. EP 2371 451,00 98 PC connection lead for PB CAM video detector V.2.0 PB CAM connection lead for programming using a laptop or PC EP 2372 78,00 i Our PB CAM offers you essential advantages of smart traffic telematics. • No damage to the road surface by cutting it up for the detection loops • Installed in next-to-no time, extremely simple and very flexible to use • Simple with automatic alignment after transmitting the configuration • Individual configuration by clicking the mouse for up to eight monitoring zones, also with different directional evaluation • Different detection zones can be allocated to the same switching outputs or linked (holding time up to 3 minutes) 34

Mobile camera system, remote maintenance, CPU simulation Ordering Information Description Order No. Price € + VAT 99 Mobile camera system (module set) The module set is an autonomous camera system that can be used both in connection with and independent from traffic light systems in order to monitor the traffic situation at roadworks. The swivel / tilt camera with infra-red technology offers an almost all-round view of the roadworks by day and night. Working via the internet, it gives authorised users in the office, at the maintenance station or en route an overview at any time of the traffic situation on site. The complete module set of the mobile camera system consists of: • IP67 casing (lockable) • GPRS / UMTS mobile radio VPN router (supplied without SIM card) • Swivel / tilt IP camera with infrared technology for day / night operation, HD 720p, resolution up to 1280 x 720 in robust weatherproof casing with heating • Connection lead with 4-pin plug for connecting to 12 V DC • Holder for mounting to mast The 12 V power supply is provided by a 4-pin plug that fits in the detector socket of all vehicle-actuated traffic light systems in type series EPB and MPB by Peter Berghaus GmbH. EP 2350 on request 100 Remote control / remote maintenance for EPB 12 / EPB 24 / EPB 48 The combined hardware / software solution for remote control / remote maintenance permits easy access to correspondingly equipped EPB 12, EPB 24 or EPB 48 traffic light controllers conveniently from the maintenance station or office. The remote control displays the complete front panel of the traffic light controller on the screen as if the user were directly on site at the roadworks, showing all the control elements in the AmpelTools software. The controller can then be operated conveniently from afar with the computer mouse and keyboard. Data connection to the traffic light consists of the GSM mobile phone network – internet access is not necessary. A desktop unit can be used to connect up any number of correspondingly equipped EPB 12, EPB 24 or EPB 48 traffic light controllers. (Supplied without SIM card). Transmitter unit as complete desktop device in module casing with integrated power supply unit, mains cable and a connection lead with cigarette lighter plug (12 V connection) for mobile use regardless of the location. Receiver unit for connecting up an EPB traffic light controller EP 2517S EP 2517E on request on request 101 CPU simulation module for EPB 12 / EPB 24 / EPB 48 The CPU simulator set can be used for detailed testing of the program sequences in every second of the cycle and with all monitoring functions for all hitherto prepared signal timetable programmes for EPB 12, EPB 24 or EPB 48 crossroads controllers working on the computer / laptop under real conditions. Instead of blocking a real EPB traffic light controller in the workshop, the controller can already be brought to the roadworks because the practical tests (as per RiLSA 2015) can be depicted with the CPU simulator. enabled for AmpelTools The complete CPU simulation module consists of: • portable desktop / standalone casing with plug-in power supply unit • CPU card for EPB 12 / EPB 24 / EPB 48 with Eprom for simulation • also enabled for AmpelTools from version 1.20 EP 2514 on request 35

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