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Product Catalogue 2018-2020

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Innovative traffic technology from one single source.

Traffic light system MPB

Traffic light system MPB 44 M/S Ordering Information Description Best.-Nr. Preis € + MwSt. 61 MPB 44 M master controller Universal traffic light system for flexible control of up to maximum 12 signal groups, for example at pedestrian crossings with request function as well as vehicle-actuated alternating one-way traffic, T-junction or crossroads situations, possibly with additional turning lane, blinking light or waiting signal. The MPB 44 M/S series is based on the outstandingly proven MPB 4400 system which has been popular for many years. Operation is also the same so that no relearning is necessary. Depending on the technical features, already existing MPB 4400 traffic lights can be simply integrated in the new system. The MPB 44 M controller is equipped as follows: • central emergency-off switch for the complete traffic light system • residual current-operated device (RCD switch) • digital AC metre showing the 230 V energy consumption • 230 / 42 V transformer for central power supply to all signal heads directly from the controller via the data cable • programming of up to 4 groups directly in the controller via the display • selection switch for immediate manual traffic light control for manual mode, blinking lamp, lamps off and continuous red • programming interface for 12 signal groups (laptop connection) • connection for an external printer or laptop (USB and serial) • freely accessible 230 V service power socket • connection for parallel signal head and SMS messaging module • synchronous input for coordination of progressive signalling • automatic mains / battery changeover for 12 V battery operation • MPB 44 S control PCB for the first carriageway signal head PB 4450 on request 62 MPB 44 S slave signal head equipped in each case with its own MPB 44 control PCB that also covers the connected additional equipment and communicates with the central MPB 44 master controller via one cable for databus and 42 V power supply. All signal heads are equipped with LED technology and a 42 V AC/12 V DC power supply unit. There is also a connection for 12 V power supply with automatic changeover for possible battery operation of the signal head. All carriageway signal heads are prepared for directional radar detectors for vehicle-actuated traffic light control or for our PB-CAM as video detector for registering traffic volumes. There is also an output for a parallel signal. A request traffic light for pedestrians is provided by plugging request buttons directly into the signal head without needing additional wiring from the button to the controller (holder included in the scope of supply). Carriageway signal head, red / amber / green, LED technology Pedestrian signal head with symbols, red / green, LED technology PB 4463 PB 4462 on request on request i Just one single cable is needed to operate the MPB 44 system. Just one cable is now responsible for data transfer between master controller and the individual slave signal heads in up to 12 groups together with the central 42 V power supply from the controller, thus clearly minimising the wiring workload on site (see diagram). No extra cables are needed for power supply, detectors, buttons and data bus so that this one-cable solution saves lots of time and costs in installing and dismantling the traffic light systems. 26

Accessories for MPB 3200, MPB 3400 and MPB 4400 Ordering Information Description Order No. Price € + VAT 63 Traffic light connecting cable for 12 volt technology Traffic light connecting cable, red, ring with plug and coupling. 50 m long, weight approx. 5.2 kg Traffic light connecting cable, red, ring with plug and coupling. 100 m long, weight approx. 10.6 kg MP 4040 MP 4041 176,00 279,00 64 Retrofitting kit for vehicle-actuated operation consisting of a fixture for fitting to the pole of the signal head together with a directional radar detector. Can be retrofitted by the customer. Retrofitting set for cable-controlled traffic light, price per signal head Retrofitting set for radio-controlled traffic light, price per signal head MP 4006 MP 4007 429,00 357,00 65 Isolating transformer 230 volt / 42 volt mounted in a splash-proof case. Input voltage 230 V AC, output voltage 42 V. One cable with earthed plug on 230 V side, two plug connections on the 42 V side. The 42 V side can be connected to any signal head. Max. output power 500 VA MP 4065 505,00 66 Special cable for 42 volt technology Traffic light connection cable with power supply lead, yellow, ring with plug and coupling, 30 m long, weight approx. 5.5 kg Traffic light connection cable with power supply lead, yellow, ring with plug and coupling, 50 m long, weight approx. 8.5 kg Traffic light connection cable with power supply lead, yellow, ring with plug and coupling, 100 m long, weight approx. 16.5 kg MP 4035 MP 4036 MP 4037 244,00 319,00 586,00 67 Retrofitting set for signal head with 42 volt technology Every signal head type MPB 3200, 3400 and MPB 4400 can be retrofitted with the power supply unit for 42 V AC / 12 V DC. But this retrofitting has to be done in the factory because the signal head also has to be rewired. Price per signal head including installation. MP 4064 460,00 i Already for medium-term roadworks, it can make financial sense to operate the cable-controlled traffic light system with 42 V technology. The advantages of traffic light systems operating with our 42 V technology are quite obvious: • Central power supply 230 / 42 V for all signal heads from one single point • Data bus and power supply in one joint cable • Automatic changeover to battery operation when there’s a power failure on site (and back again), therefore immune to interference, low-maintenance and with power reserves for up to one week 27

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