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Product Catalogue 2018-2020

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Innovative traffic technology from one single source.

Overhead signs TOP-LED 2

Overhead signs TOP-LED 2 NEW TOP-LED 2: Mobile LED prewarner with overhead signs As an option, TOP-LED 2 can be used as LED prewarner or with raised projecting arm in addition to the overhead sign. With its bright LED lamps at a height of six metres above the carriageway, TOP-LED 2 thus actively draws attention to approaching hazards. The overhead warning can be seen from a great distance, clearly visible above the roofs of the trucks with a positive impact on the safety of all road users as well as the workers at the approaching hazard site. In addition to the rear LED prewarners, the large overhead LED sign fitted in landscape format over the road can also be used to display a wide range of road signs, texts, information and moving images. An extensive library is already programmed into the system ex works. Thanks to the enclosed software, you can create further information and symbols by yourself at the PC and add them to the system. TOP-LED 2 makes an active contribution to protecting road users and workers on construction sites and hazard situations, as well as providing information and direction at events. This product can be found on page 17.

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