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Product Catalogue 2018-2020

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Innovative traffic technology from one single source.

Mobile warning trailers

Mobile warning trailers as per RSA Ordering Information Description Order No. Price € + VAT 38 Mobile warning trailer type AM 4 TL Design with LED lamps as described above, but with large drive-on loading area (3520 x 1850 x 400 mm) as standard feature and motorised lifting of the upper section, operated by cable remote control from the towing vehicle. Supplied without battery. TW 4925L 23.890,00 Accessories such as radio remote control and processor-controlled battery charger: see AM 3 TL. Devices for data transfer to traffic control centres can be found on page 31. 39 TMA (Truck Mounted Attenuator) Mobile truck mounted attenuators (TMA) fastened to the rear of working vehicles (trucks) consist of yielding aluminium honeycombs on the inside. In the event of an accident, the impact energy of the vehicle is converted into deformation energy, most of which is absorbed by the TMA, with clearly reduced accident consequences, both for construction staff and for road users. We offer TMA (impact pads) including mobile warning trailers for coupling to trucks. Please ask us about TMA! on request 40 Warning speed bumps For placing on the road surface 150 m before the mobile warning trailer. Gives a clear warning to the road user who has missed the mobile warning trailer up to that point. Three speed bumps should be used at intervals of approx. 3 m. Made of signal yellow special polyethylene with roughened undersurface, reflectors and recessed handles. 2000 mm long, 230 mm wide, 30 mm high, weight: 18 kg Price per warning speed bum G 8000 670,00 16

Mobile LED prewarner Ordering Information Description Order No. Price € + VAT 41 Mobile prewarner with LED technology: MV-LED with flexible depiction of bright traffic signs, texts, pictograms and moving images as prewarning for roadworks, changed road layouts or information about events. Mounted on an unbraked trailer (gross vehicle rating 750 kg) with parking brake, licensed for speeds of up to 100 km/h. Tow bar adjustable in height with removable ball-type towing device and DIN eyebolt, accommodated in lockable battery compartment with space for two batteries and an optional charger. Supplied without battery. Can also be transported on our AM 4 TL trailer! The upper LED display sign (outer dimensions 1115 x 1115 mm) has 2304 red and white LEDs (48 x 48 px) preferably for depicting round or triangular traffic signs. The lower LED display sign (1405 x 1720 mm) has 5120 white LEDs (64 x 80 px). The LED display signs with lighting tested as per EN 12966 are hinged down for transport with the display area face downwards with electrical locking for protection from the weather. Furthermore, a BASt-tested double LED warning light system is fitted to the top of the display sign. Operation is very simple and carried out intuitively at the graphic control device of the prewarner; the optional radio remote control can also be used for all functions during transport. MV-LED as above, but with lower LED display sign in red / white. MV-LED as above, but upper and lower LED display sign with LED technology in RGB, 24 bit, TrueColor, 16.78 million colours. W 4950L W 4951L W 4952L on request on request on request 42 Radio remote control with illuminated graphic LCD display for MV-LED, AV-LED or TOP-LED 2. Signal patterns appear in the colour display; with active feedback for all settings incl. lifting and lowering the display sign; remote control stored and loaded in the corresponding battery compartment. Please state the type of LED prewarner when ordering. W 4954F on request 43 NEW! Mobile prewarner with overhead signs – TOP-LED 2 Technical features as MV-LED, but also with overhead LED display sign in landscape format to warn of approaching hazard situations at a height of six metres above the carriageway. The stainless steel battery casing has space for three 12 V / 230 Ah batteries and a fully automatic battery charger. The inertia system is adjustable in height and the 12 / 24 V voltage transformer for automatic voltage detection is compatible with MAN-TGA and TGS. The chassis is hot-dip galvanised and the pump casing is made of stainless steel. The TOP-LED 2 has hydraulic tilt protection with 4 hydraulic outriggers and is approved for wind speeds up to 85 km/h. W 49450 on request 17

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