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Product Catalogue 2018-2020

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Innovative traffic technology from one single source.

Mobile warning trailers

Mobile warning trailers Mobile warning trailers with bright LED lamps Mobile warning trailers are used for traffic control at short-term roadwork sites. On motorways and expressways, mobile warning trailers (road sign Vz 616-30) are used with a sign height of 3600 mm. On main roads, country roads and city streets, i.e. roads with oncoming traffic, the smaller version (road sign Vz 616-31) is used with a sign height of 2500 mm. Apart from the difference in size, the pictures on the signs in each cases are the same. Mobile warning trailers by Peter Berghaus GmbH are produced according to the regulations stipulated in the StVZO, StVO, RSA, ZTV-SA and TL97. Equipped with the reliable Peter Berghaus electronics module, all mobile pre-warners and warning trailers are mounted on a chassis licensed for speeds of up to 100 km/h. The ex-works version already includes removable ball-type coupling and DIN eyebolt for being towed by a car or truck in the scope of supply. Our warning devices offer maximum reliability and functionality! 14

Mobile warning trailers as per RSA Ordering Information Description Order No. Price € + VAT 37 TL-tested Mobile warning trailer type AM 3 TL For protecting work on motorways, mounted on a trailer licensed for speeds of up to 100 km/h. Corresponds to the requirements of TL 97 Mobile Warning Trailers, StVO, RSA and ZTV-SA. Road sign size 2200 x 3600 mm (W x H) with type RA 2 adhesive high intensity prismatic grade retroreflecting foil, equipped with 24 LED halogen lamps 200 mm and 2 LED flash lights 340 mm ØØ. Power supply from a 12 V battery. Road sign Vz 222/222-10 (blue arrow) fitted to the lower section. The arrow can be adjusted with an electric motor. The blue arrow has a peep-hole to observe approaching traffic. The four different signals can be selected from the driver’s cab of the towing vehicle with the supplied cable remote control. The whole superstructure of the mobile warning trailer is galvanised. Supplied in the standard version with tow bar adjustable in height, removable ball-type coupling and DIN eyebolt, parking brake, and lockable battery casing. (supplied without battery). AM 3 TL with loading area (1200 x 1200 x 310 mm) and LED illuminated arrow and LED flashlights Surcharge for motor-operated erection of the superstructure Surcharge for radio remote control Surcharge for fitting a processor-controlled battery charger, L3 automatic charger 230 V / 12 V - 30 A, with charge, recharge and charge retention function TW 4924L TW 4930 TW 4932 TW 4941 16.500,00 980,00 780,00 1.140,00 15

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