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LED-prewarners TOP-LED – for active overhead signs.

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Overhead signs TOP-LED NEW Bright advance warning and information for many applications. Features: • Hot-dip galvanised chassis • Road sign 265 „Height Limit 4.60 m“ • Height-adjustable inertia system • Exchangeable DIN eye for trucks and ball-type towing device for cars • Fully automatic battery charger • Battery casing made of stainless steel • 3 batteries 12 V / 230AH • Hydraulic pump casing made of stainless steel • Voltage transformer 12 / 24V for automatic voltage detection, compatible with MAN-TGA and TGS • Hydraulic tilt protection with 4 hydraulic outriggers • Stability-tested to 85 km/h • Option: radio-remote control with backlit graphic LC colour display • Editing software for creating own texts, symbols and animated features • USB 2.0 interface cable for programming Picture: Hessen Mobil Picture: Hessen Mobil TOP-LED: The overhead sign by Berghaus. The mobile overhead signs of the „Berghaus TOP-LED“ mobile LED prewarner with projecting arm are bright and clear with LED technology at a height of six metres above the carriageway, actively drawing attention to the approaching hazard. The overhead warning can be seen from a great distance, clearly visible above the roofs of the trucks and thus has a positive impact on the safety of all road users as well as the workers at the upcoming hazard site. In addition to the LED side prewarner, the large overhead LED sign held in landscape format over the road is also ideal for displaying a wide range of road signs, texts, information and moving images. The Berghaus TOP-LED can be used across the full width of its continuous overhead LED sign, permitting signage for more than just two lanes. The rear and overhead LED signs are multicoloured and the lighting systems have gone through the lighting tests as per EN 12966. The LEDs are also available in RGB technology on request. The Berghaus TOP LED is easy to operate intuitively, either directly at the unit‘s own controller for the LED prewarner or thanks to the optional radio remote control with a backlit graphic LCD display and active feedback. All road signs, pictograms, symbols and texts, also as running continuous text, are saved in bitmap format and can be produced individually by the user working at the PC. A selection of the main road signs, texts and animated graphics are already preprogrammed ex works so that the TOP-LED can be used straight away. The TOP LED with its bright LED signs positioned high above the carriageway makes an active contribution to the safety of road users and workers at upcoming construction sites and hazard spots. It can also be used for information and traffic control at events. Technical data Empty weight Gross vehicle rating Vehicle length Vehicle width Vehicle height (hinged down) Vehicle height (in upright position) Lower edge of projecting arm Battery casing (L x W x H) Towing device Signalling technology overhead LED display sign rear LED display sign Operation: Own controller with LCD display fastened to the trailer or alternatively by radio remote control available as option. In an emergency, the mast can be lowered and the projecting arm retracted manually. 1,730 kg 2,000 kg 6,800 mm 2,100 mm 3,350 mm 6,310 mm 4,800 mm 540 x 1,120 x 310 mm exchangeable ball-type towing device and DIN eye as standard feature in the scope of supply BASt-tested double LED warning light system Ø 340 mm; display signs as self-contained LED systems, protection rating IP 54; lighting test as per EN 12966; 2,680 x 1,080 mm, resolution 128 x 48 px; 1,405 x 1,720 mm, resolution 64 x 80 px; LED colours red/white; RGB also available on request; Surrounding foil type RA2 red/white

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