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LED prewarner AV-LED – the flexible add-on prewarner.

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LED prewarner AV-LED – the flexible add-on prewarner.

ong>LEDong> ong>prewarnerong> ong>AVong>-ong>LEDong> ong>–ong> ong>theong> ong>flexibleong> ong>addong>-on ong>prewarnerong>. Flexible use of ong>theong> ong>AVong>-ong>LEDong> ong>addong>-on ong>prewarnerong>, for example on a flatbed vehicle. Our proven MV-ong>LEDong> mobile ong>prewarnerong> is also available in a version without chassis. The ong>AVong>-ong>LEDong> ong>addong>-on ong>prewarnerong> can be placed quickly and easily on ong>theong> loading area of any flatbed vehicle or trailer. To this end, we have fitted receiver shoes for a forklift truck to ong>theong> frame structure already ex works, togeong>theong>r with fastening eyes for lashing straps so that ong>theong> unit can be securely lashed down on ong>theong> loading area. A non-slip rubber mat can also be supplied on request as an ong>addong>itional load restraint. The ong>AVong>-ong>LEDong> is ideal for customers who only need to use an ong>LEDong> ong>prewarnerong> from time to time. It is also interesting to note that anoong>theong>r ong>prewarnerong> or mobile warning trailer can also be coupled onto ong>theong> flatbed vehicle with ong>AVong>-ong>LEDong>. When using our AM 4 TL model for this purpose, ong>theong> loading area still has space to take an ong>addong>itional MV- ong>LEDong>. This makes it possible to use two ong>LEDong> ong>prewarnerong>s and a mobile warning trailer with just one vehicle! Apart from ong>theong> omitted chassis, in technical terms ong>theong> ong>AVong>-ong>LEDong> is ong>theong> same as ong>theong> model with trailer. As an option, a radio remote control with graphic display is available for standard operation of ong>theong> coloured display directly at ong>theong> ong>LEDong> ong>prewarnerong>. On request, ong>theong> ong>LEDong> ong>prewarnerong>s can also be supplied completely in red/white or RGB technology.

Kataloge und Broschüren / Catalogues and Broschures

Product Catalogue 2018-2020
MPB 44 M/S – mobiles Ampelsystem für bis zu 12 Gruppen.
FG 2 – 12 V / 230 V – die mobile Fußgänger-Signalanlage.
Signalanlage MPB 4400 – eine Ampel für „alle Fälle“.
Signalanlage MPB 3400 – erweiterbar bis zur Kreuzung.
Signalanlage MPB 3200 – die preiswerte Funkampel.
Signalanlage MPB 1400 – die preiswerte Baustellenampel.