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FG 2 – 12 V / 230 V – mobile pedestrian signal system.

FG 2 – 12 V / 230 V – mobile pedestrian signal system.

FG 2 – 12 V / 230 V – mobile pedestrian signal

FG 2 12 V / 230 V mobile pedestrian signal system. The mobile pedestrian signal system FG 2 is also available with LED technology on request. The cable-controlled mobile pedestrian signal system FG 2 is used in request and automatic mode for temporary traffic control at pedestrian crossings (e. g. in the interests of school road safety). It offers signal safety as per VDE 0832 and RiLSA. This traffic light system can also be used to control alternating one-way traffic instead of pedestrians, including vehicle actuation on request. The power supply for the complete traffic light system is provided centrally by 12 V batteries or using a 230 V / 12 V power supply unit. The controller with the various control elements is accommodated in a powder-coated aluminium lower structure in its own housing and reliably protected from unauthorised interference. All signals are fitted with 12 V / 10 W halogen lamps as a standard feature. LED technology When ordered accordingly, the signal system can be equipped already ex works with energy-saving LED technology, cutting power consumption by up to 60 % with unreduced brightness. This also brings down the maintenance costs, with far longer battery change intervals; furthermore, there is no longer any need for halogen lamps to be replaced. Nor does our LED system generate any phantom effect as it has no reflectors that could generate irritating reflections of sunlight. Signalling for the visually impaired If necessary, the FG signal system can be equipped with tactile signal heads. With this feature, which is increasingly present at many stationary pedestrian traffic lights, the acoustic signal head emits a guiding signal (as a pilot tone at first and then a clearance signal with the green phase). To this end, the signal system is equipped with special RiLSA-compliant request buttons directly ex works; the tactile symbol on the button also indicates the position and type of pedestrian crossing.

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Product Catalogue 2018-2020
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