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2 NEWSLETTER Now with touch screen! EPB 24 Multiprocessor P – with innovative user interface The mobile traffic light controller EPB 24 Multiprocessor controls temporary large intersection traffic signal systems, requiring a minimum of time and cables. This enables you to locally control up to 24 signal groups with a maximum of 48 power cards for 96 three-part, fully monitored LED traffic light signal heads with the master and slave controllers of the EPB 24 series. The extended operating option of the new EPB 24 controllers is brand new. Now inputs and searches that used to require a laptop equipped with AmpelTools can easily be done on the controller on location via a built-in panel PC with touch screen. Your new options: • Operation of the system via built-in panel PC without requiring a laptop • Touch screen for the input and operations directly on the controller • Entering of data into the controller on location without requiring a laptop • The technician can take the programme data along on a USB stick when implementing the signal system on site and upload it into, respectively from, the system • The functions “light test” and “allocation test” can be triggered directly on the controller • Modification/adaptation of programme data on site [such as green phase/progressive signalling] • Additional novel option: modem for the encrypted and safe remote operation via the Internet • Controller can be configured so as to send default information by e-mail [requires optional modem] • The features print/copy of target/actual data, interim time and interlocking matrix, signal safety feature, etc. can be activated via the controller and stored as PDF files on a USB stick • It is possible to send that date directly by e-mail from the system (requires optional modem) • Data comes with unequivocal control ID number and can therefore be perfectly allocated regarding time/date and controller • During the acceptance process on site, the persons in charge can get a close look at the data and can, if desired, copy data on a USB stick or have it sent to them by e-mail from the controller (requires optional modem) • The internal logbook and detailed operating logbook can be viewed directly on the panel PC Do you also want to profit from the new technical options of the handy touch screen when using your EPB 24 controller? We have the technical facilities to upgrade the panel PC as well as the new internet modem, even for existing EPB 24 controllers. We will be happy to give you an individual quote. Storage and transportation rack for hinged sign stands Berghaus Traffic-Light Courses: Full House We manufacture various mounting devices – suitable for just about any application – for a fast and secure mounting of traffic and road works signs, laying signal cables overhead, as stand mast and cantilever for traffic signal systems, etc. The tilting sign stand made of aluminium (EE0760) is particularly suited for oneday road works since it can be folded up and transported in vehicles without using much space. It has been approved for stability levels up to K6. Our product range has now been supplemented by a handy storage and transportation rack that guarantees the safe transportation of larger numbers of items. This compact rack, which is also made of aluminium, lets you transport up to 10 sign stands simultaneously and load them onto the vehicle with a forklift. • Optimized safety during transportation – eliminating the need to secure each sign stand individually • Quick and easy loading – 10 sign stands can be loaded at the same time • Space-saving stackability – up to 3 transportation racks can be stacked in your warehouse • Overview in your warehouse – up to 30 tilting stands can be stored in a space of 1 x 1 m Measurements of storage and transportation rack: approx. 100 x 100 x 156 cm [length x width x height]; stack height (on top of each other): 137 cm; weight: approx. 30 kilogrammes This year (Jan./Feb.), our tried-and-true traffic-light courses traditionally were again conducted at our head office in Kürten (NRW). A total of 80 members of renowned companies specializing in traffic safety and signalling technology, road traffic authorities, road maintenance depots and municipal building yards from all over Germany participated in our training courses. Beginners as well as advanced participants learned lots of new things in the different twoday seminars that complemented each other. In addition to the technical provisions and guidelines for construction site traffic lights (such as RiLSA, TL-LSA), the preparation and implementation of signal timetables as well as the operation of traffic light controllers and on-site troubleshooting were course subjects. The new test function of AmpelTools was a feature that was particularly popular with the course participants. This software carries out a fully automatic, complete signal safety feature test for any potential signal condition of the outdoor facility on site, which used to be rather time-consuming because it had to be done manually until now (See Berghaus News 61 for how it works). The participants also greatly appreciated the introduction of the new panel PC with touch screen for the EPB 24. It provides technicians on site with many more options of how to operate the controller without a laptop. Operations Manager Alfred Wurth and Technician Uwe Banischewski guided the participants through the various subjects while providing them with valuable advice and tricks learned in their 35+ years of professional experience on the subject of “mobile traffic light technology”. In addition to our standard traffic-light courses, we conduct individual seminars on the topic of “mobile traffic light technology” in our training and exhibition room. We will be happy to make you an individual offer.

NEWSLETTER 3 ProTec 161 – the slimmest H1/W3 road restraint system! ProTec 161 is a slim road restraint system that can be erected without supports – successfully tested according to DIN EN 1317 with an effective range of W3 for containment levels H1 and L1. Improvement of a tested solution: Higher containment level and a smaller effective range By modifying ProTec 160 with patented connecting elements and a novel central stand, ProTec 161 was created: a slim crash barrier system that can be erected without supports, suitable for temporary use on construction sites. ProTec 161 passed the test in accordance with DIN EN 1317 and boasts a very small effective range W3 on containment levels H1 and L1, i. e. more powerful restraint. Containment level L1 with effective range W3 is a solid supplement of the portfolio particularly for the European market. In order to obtain the improved ProTec 161, the standard elements of the tried-and-true ProTec 160 were connected with newly developed central stands that are force-fit and screwed to the 10-metre elements with two additional central bases. This minimizes the pressure the crash barrier puts on the contact surfaces, sustainably protecting road surfaces. The elements of ProTec 160 have been approved for the list of mobile crash barrier in accordance with TL-TS of the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) since 2010. Changed road conditions This crash barrier system with its low weight and the rubber-padded contact surface reduces the risk of undesired pressure marks that may be caused when used for longer periods of time on porous surfaces or during hot summer temperatures. Innovation meets safety This innovation enabled the AVS Group once again to further develop the crash barriers that are part of the renowned ProTec Family and have already been tested many times in practical use. Successful impact tests have shown that, like the rest of the ProTec Series, the new ProTec 161 is suitable for higher levels of containment and has considerable safety reserves. For safety is what impels our developers to give their best: By conducting periodical tests and impact tests, we make the road sites worked on still safer by providing high-quality, reliable and light-weight crash barrier systems with the slimmest widths possible. An overview of the advantages of ProTec 161: • Successful test according to DIN EN 1317 on containment levels H1 and L1 • Narrow width of 25 cm – only little space required • Reflectors mounted in a way that shields them from impacts • Very permeable • No risk of aquaplaning or compilation of dirt • The rubber-padded stands protect the road surface • Quick and easy mounting • Transition elements available for all ProTec systems • Light-weight, therefore a large transportation volume possible Always better than the rest – products from our own development and production Tinkerer, craftsman and always one step ahead of others: With his ideas, Peter Berghaus has created the nucleus of AVS Verkehrssicherung. Peter Berghaus, the founder, already experimented with radiocontrolled traffic lights when there were no radio frequencies available yet. We continue that pioneering spirit by developing and producing our own products at various locations. Digitization and the “Internet of Things” have long since become part of technical traffic safety – and we promote that development further. Signs with LED technology that you can adapt to the traffic situation on site while staying at your desk. Mobile congestion warning signs that assess the traffic volume by means of special detectors. GPS devices for construction site maintenance. Or our ProTec mobile crash barrier systems, which have been further developed and tested in accordance with common standards. While in the 1990s road restraint systems still consisted only of steel, the combination of steel and concrete used at AVS is today’s standard. While road restraint systems used to consist of assembled 2-metre short components, we now deliver strands of up to 16 m in length. A logistic masterpiece we get on the road day after day and night after night with our vehicle fleet, which has been developed for that very purpose. When manufacturing the road restraints, we accept nothing less than top quality. After all, the ProTec mobile crash barrier systems will later protect the road users on the one side and the construction workers on the other side of the wall. Only the best is good enough for us: The quality-tested material of our reliable suppliers, such as Heidelberger Beton, guarantees high-quality production and processing at different locations in Germany – making the road restraint systems always available near our projects.

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