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Berghaus-News Issue 57

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2 BERGHAUSNEWS Safely through roadworks with mobile ProTec crash barriers ProTec 50 City ProTec 50 ProTec 80 The mobile crash barrier ProTec 50 City is the ideal choice for professional traffic safety in the urban setting. This crash barrier is ideal for city and urban use with its „handy“ element length of 2 metres, structural width of 24 cm (planningrelevant width 10 cm) and the low element weight of 23.5 kg per metre with containment level T1 / W2 and ASI value A. It has been tested in impact tests according to the strict regulations made in DIN EN 1317 for 80 km/h. Given the fact that speed is usually limited to 30 km/h at most urban roadworks, this makes ProTec 50 City even safer! ProTec 50 with its structural width of 24 cm (planningrelevant width 10 cm) is really narrow, while its weight of just 28.7 kg per metre also makes it one of the lightest mobile road restraint systems available from Berghaus. Containment level T1 / W2, ASI value A. All crash barriers in the ProTec family are always fitted together with force-fit connections – naturally also with elements from other systems or stationary road restraint systems. The new mobile crash barrier ProTec 80 is an ideal combination of the open, lightweight ProTec 50 with the sturdy stability of the compact ProTec systems, but with a clearly reduced weight of just 80 kg per metre. The reduced transport costs thus make ProTec 80 even more economical. Tested successfully to DIN EN 1317: T1 / W1, T3 / W2 and H1 / W6, each with impact force levels A. ProTec 100 ProTec 120 / 121 ProTec 160 The compact mobile crash barrier system ProTec 100 fulfils containment level T3/ W2 with an outstanding ASI value of 0.2 (A). It has a structural width of 25 cm (planning-relevant width 12 cm). Another advantage of all ProTec barriers is that the flexible reflectors are mounted in protected recesses and do not get sheared off when touched by a vehicle. They are also fitted at the same height in all ProTec systems. Type ProTec 120 was tested with the results H1 / W5 and T3 / W2. It has a structural width of 30 cm (planning-relevant width 14 cm). The model variant ProTec 121 with its structural width of just 24 cm was successfully tested with T3/ W1. Our system components ProTec-Tor 120 and ProTec-Tor 50 offer quick access for emergency services. In an emergency, the mobile crash barrier can be opened at these elements without needing tools to create a generous space. The mobile crash barrier ProTec 160 fulfils containment level H1 / W4 with a structural width of 50 cm (planningrelevant width 18 cm). ProTec 160 can be used for all applications as per ZTV-SA (A to E). All ProTec systems also have a generous water opening to prevent any dangerous accumulation of rainwater at the barrier. Mobile prewarners and warning trailers at a glance Can also be pushed onto our AM 4 TL for transportation! LED prewarner MV-LED – for active visualisation of road signs and animations. To give warning of one-day roadworks, accidents, changed road layouts and with information about events. • Display signs as self-contained LED systems, protection rating IP 54; lighting test as per EN 12966 • Electric lifting and lowering of the LED sign • LED sign electromechanically locked in position when hinged down • Easy operation directly at the prewarner or with the optional radio remote control with colour display • Freely programmable including editing software for creating own texts, symbols and animated features • Height-adjustable drawbar incl. exchangeable DIN eye for trucks and ball-type coupling for cars LED prewarner TOP-LED 2 – for active overhead signs Bright LED lamps give active warning six meters above the carriageway of approaching hazard situations. Features as MV-LED and also: • Large overhead LED sign in landscape format for signalling over more than just two lanes • Stainless steel battery casing for three 12 V / 230 Ah batteries and fully automatic battery charger • Height-adjustable inertia system • Voltage transformer 12 / 24 V for automatic voltage detection, compatible with MAN-TGA and TGS • Hot-dip galvanised chassis • Hydraulic pump casing made of stainless steel • Hydraulic tilt protection with 4 hydraulic outriggers • Stability-tested to 85 km/h Mobile warning trailers AM (616-30) with LED lamps – for roads without oncoming traffic Mobile warning trailer type AM 3 TL (top): • Complies with TL Mobile Warning Trailers 97 • Hot-dip galvanised trailer with loading area 1,200 x 1,200 mm • Aluminium tailgates • Exchangeable DIN eye for trucks and ball-type coupling • Covered with microprismatic highly reflective foil RA2 • 24 LED lamps and 2 LED flashlights – BASt-tested • With standard cable or optional radio remote control Mobile warning trailer type AM 4 TL (bottom): Features as 3 TL and also: • Large drive-on loading area 3,520 x 1,850 mm – ideal for transporting the MV-LED • Motorised lifting of the upper section with remote control Mobile warning trailers SM with LED lamps – for roads with oncoming traffic Mobile warning trailer type SM 10, Vz 615 (top): • Complies with TL Mobile Warning Trailers 97 • Hot-dip galvanised trailer with loading area 1,590 x 1,095 mm • Aluminium tailgates • Exchangeable DIN eye for trucks and ball-type coupling • Covered with microprismatic highly reflective foil RA2 • 3 LED flashlights – BASt-tested • Electrically adjusted blue arrow • Cable remote control as standard feature Mobile warning trailer type SM 40, Vz 616-31 (bottom): Features as SM 10 and also: • LED illuminated arrow and 2 LED flashlights – BASt-tested

BERGHAUSNEWS 3 Mobile traffic light systems by Berghaus at a glance MPB 1400 – Quartz-controlled traffic light system for one-way traffic, (export version also for T-junctions and crossroads) • Tested as per TL-LSA 97 for one-way traffic • Can be upgraded for T-junctions or crossroads by simply adding additional identical signal heads (for export) • Simple handling with menu-guided infrared remote control • Menu language in German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian or Turkish (other languages possible) • Fixed-phase operation, manual operation with continuous green, continuous red, flashing, lamps off • Innovative LED technology with night-time reduction feature MPB 3200 – Radio-controlled signal system, vehicle-actuated for alternating one-way traffic • Tested as per TL-LSA 97 for one-way traffic • Clearly arranged controls, all at a glance • All signal heads identical so that all can be used as transmitter or receiver • Vehicle-actuated control with directional radar detectors • Fixed phase mode, request mode, green phase extension, manual operation with continuous red or continuous green, flashing, lamps off, green on request (continuous red) • For universal use with radio, cable and quartz control. Standard halogen lamps or innovative LED technology with night-time reduction feature on request MPB 3400 – Radio-controlled signal system, vehicle-actuated for alternating one-way traffic, can be extended for crossroads MPB 4400 – Radio-controlled signal system, vehicle-actuated for alternating one-way traffic, can be extended for crossroads Technical features as MPB 3200 and also: • Tested as per TL-LSA 97 for one-way traffic, T-junctions and crossroads (to comply with the TL-LSA, traffic lights in Germany have to be wired for crossing traffic flows). • All signal heads identical: can be extended immediately by simple addition of more signal heads to obtain T-junction or crossroads control – also by radio. • In contrast to the competition, a crossroads traffic light consists of four identical full traffic lights that can be combined at random, instead of one transmitter and three receivers • Different modes can also be mixed, for example: main road with green phase extension and side road (or roadworks exit) on request TL-LSA 97 tested: technical features as MPB 3400 and also: • Simple handling with menu-driven handheld terminal for up to 4 signal groups • Programming possible on a laptop with AmpelTools for up to 12 signal heads with max. 24 monitored and 24 parallel signal heads • Printout of all relevant data as per RiLSA and TL-LSA possible from the working traffic lights on site • Timed program changeover with day and week programs for flexible traffic control • Also for pedestrians, coordinating local public transport with progressive signalling, SMS module, fire brigade control, and much more besides Diagram Cabling Slave EPB 24 Slave EPB 24 EPB 24 multiprocessor – local controller system The mobile traffic light controller system EPB 24 multiprocessor controls temporary systems at large crossroads with minimum cabling in next-to-no time. The master and slave controllers in the EPB 24 series are capable of local actuation of up to 24 signal groups with maximum 48 power cards for 96 three-aspect, fully monitored LED traffic light signal heads. The power cards can be freely addressed by hand, also on site at the roadworks. Depending on the application, customers can put together their own EPB 24 master / slave controller system from four different types to suit their specific needs and local conditions. The local EPB 24 controller system with several slave controllers physically separated from the master offers the great advantage of clearly reduced cabling, as it is no longer necessary to draw all cables together at a central point above all carriageways. All that's needed is to connect signal heads, buttons and detectors simply with the nearest controller. Slave EPB 24 Master EPB 24 New Berghaus product catalogue 2018 / 2019 Our new product catalogue 2018 / 2019 is being mailed to customers in good time for the INTERTRAFFIC. More than 80 pages give a clear overview of our comprehensive Berghaus product range. More than 200 illustrations, detailed explanations and practical tips present the strength and diversity of Peter Berghaus GmbH: innovative traffic technology from a single source – naturally straight from the manufacturer. Our new catalogue is clearly organised into product groups, including for example: LED flashlights and advance warning lights, LED temporary traffic control light systems, LED illuminated arrows, rotating beacons, mobile LED prewarners also with overhead signs, mobile warning trailers with LED lamps, mobile traffic light systems and crossroads controllers, software for computing signal timetables and programming traffic lights, mobile mounting devices for road signs and traffic light systems, modular large mast systems, LED lamps for roadworks and incidents, GPS-controlled maintenance documentation, height warning systems, lane marking foils, TL beacons and guidance systems, mobile crash barriers for protecting motorway and urban roadworks and many more traffic technology products besides. PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/19 Innovative traffic technology from one single source. Safety by Berghaus purchase – rent – leasing Needless to say that you can also download all product brochures and operating manuals freely without having to register, on our website at any time. The new product catalogue with sales price list will also be online at the end of March in good time for the Intertraffic. Power cable Data bus cable 230 V

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