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02 Issue 51 | December 2015 / January 2016 BERGHAUSNEWS Flexible uses for add-on prewarner AV-LED, for example on a flatbed Our proven mobile prewarner MV-LED is also available in a version without undercarriage. The add-on prewarner AV-LED can be placed quickly and easily on the loading area of any flat-bed truck or trailer. To this end, the frame structure has been fitted ex-works with receiver shoes for the forks of a lift truck and with fastening eyes to take lashing straps that secure the prewarner on the loading area. On request, a non-slip rubber mat can be supplied as an additional load restraint. The AV-LED is ideal for customers who use LED prewarners just now and then. It is also interesting that another mobile prewarner or warning mobile trailer can be towed by the flat-bed vehicle already carrying theAV-LED. If our model AM 4 TL is used, then another MV-LED can be pushed onto its loading area as well. In this case, one single vehicle can bring two LED prewarners and a warning mobile trailer to wherever they are needed. Apart from the missing undercarriage, the AV-LED is technically identical with the trailer model.Aradio remote control with graphic display can be used as a standard feature to operate the coloured display directly at the LED sign. On request, our LED prewarners can also be fitted with a multi-coloured display in the lower LED panel as well, with nearly 15,000 light emitting diodes to clearly show road users the way. A road maintenance depot wanting to use two LED prewarners with one single towing vehicle recently received delivery of our two versions MV- LED and AV-LED. Radio blinking light warns of oncoming traffic Flexible use of the LED prewarner: Simply lower onto the loading area of the vehicle with the lift truck as needed and secure it safely with lashing straps at the holding eyes, then the AV-LED is ready for practical use in traffic safety situations with any flatbed truck. Detlef Branstner takes his well-earned retirement Colleagues in the steel construction department at AVS Mellingen say farewell to their long-standing colleague Detlef Branstner (fourth from the right) as he takes his wellearned retirement. Radar detector, radio control, LED blinking light and explanatory sign at the bottom of the hill. Together with our customer Thilo Heck Verkehrstechnik, at the start of November we installed an unusual radio-controlled blinking light system in Bad Dürkheim. Awkward encounters were no rarity on a 250 m long stretch of a narrow road, for example when meeting delivery trucks. The residents were given permission to have a blinking light system installed with the following technical features. The new mast is fitted with a radar detector specially configured for Berghaus with selective direction and speed detection so that exiting vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians are not registered. Residents living in the narrow section of road have hand-held radio transmitters with acoustic reception feedback so that they can change the blinking light when they drive out onto the road. The energy-saving LED system has very low power consumption with voltage supplied by a 12V battery with intelligent electronic charger: the battery is automatically recharged from the street lamp when the need arises so that no external power connection is necessary. A digital bi-directional radio path specially authorised for such use takes care of communication between the units at the top and bottom of the hill. Initial experience has been most positive: it's in the road users' own interest to heed the blinking recommendation and wait for oncoming traffic to come through. After all, who wants to have to reverse a hundred metres down a narrow street? Caution, oncoming traffic! View from the top of the hill down the narrow street with scarcely any room for vehicles to pass. Pictures: Heck Verkehrstechnik On 30 September, staff in the steel construction department at AVS Mellingen GmbH took their leave from their long-standing colleague Detlef Branstner after 23 successful years working forAVS. Detlef Branstner was one of the very first members of staff at AVS; he was already employed by the former company Landtechnischer Anlagenbau (LTA) Mihla which was taken over by Peter Berghaus in 1992, then continuing asAVS in Niedertrebra. While in the AVS team in Niedertrebra, Detlef Branstner already played an important role in the development and impact tests for the first mobile crash barriers, helping to make them ready for series production. Among others, his skills were put to good use for more than 15 years as an expert for mobile steel crash barriers, involved in on-site installation at motorway construction sites. As one of the best and most experienced metalworkers in steel construction at AVS, in recent years he has been passing on much of his know-how, tips and tricks to the younger generation. In the midst of the colleagues, CEO Steffen Weidner presented a small gift to Detlef Branstner and thanked him for his outstanding work for AVS. All the colleagues join together in wishing him all the very best for his retirement, more time for his hobbies and above all, good health! Save the date: INTERTRAFFIC 2016 in Amsterdam With more than 800 exhibitors from 43 countries and 27,000 trade visitors from 128 nations (as of 2014), the INTERTRAFFIC Amsterdam is the world's largest and best known innovation platform for (sustainable) mobility solutions, products and services for infrastructure, traffic management, traffic safety and parking. Please save the date for this important event now already in your diary: from 5 to 8 April 2016, the next INTERTRAFFIC will be taking place at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre inAmsterdam. As a renowned innovative manufacturer for mobile traffic technology, we have naturally been attending this biennial international trade-fair for many years. At our joint stand directly at the main entrance in hall 1, Berghaus Verkehrstechnik and the traffic safety service partner AVS Verkehrssicherung will be providing information about current new products in mobile traffic technology and about the full range of services for professional traffic safety. You are cordially invited to visit us at our stand 01.410 in Hall 1. We already look forward to meeting you again inAmsterdam and to many interesting talks. The next issue of Berghaus-News will feature a preview of our trade-fair presence. Today, we would merely like to say that we will be presenting a whole number of new products to the international trade public in Amsterdam, including a new ProTec crash barrier as well as a new mobile traffic light controller. Wait and see!

Traffic Technology • Mobile Crash Barrieres 03 Mobile controller EPB 20 ST in Nürnberg Together with our customer, F.V.S. GmbH in Nürnberg, we currently have a mobile crossroads controller type EPB 20 ST in use for traffic control at a long-term sewer construction site. The EPB 20 ST is a purely mobile traffic light controller that can be programmed with LISA+ for controlling highly complex traffic flows. It is available to our customers for purchase or hire on demand, including programming. F.V.S. in Nürnberg uses its own standard pool of material for the complete outside system, including 40V LED signal heads, detectors, buttons, holders, masts and stands etc., and just hires an EPB 20 ST controller in addition for the duration of the construction work. The mobile controller is just as capable as stationary traffic light systems. Major crossroads controlled with EPB 20 ST easily allow for fire brigade or public transport preemption, time- or vehicle-actuated program selection, fully vehicleactuated phase or signal group-oriented control, progressive signalling with GPS, programming with phase transitions and much more besides. On request, several construction phases can already be saved in the controller when it is programmed for the first time and then activated when the need arises for example by the control computer in a town's traffic control centre. More than 250 individual programs are possible. New AVS Dresden already well established in Saxony Since the latest branch of AVS Mellingen GmbH was opened in Dresden this May, branch manager Gerhard Seel and his expert team have already become well established in Saxony's capital city. Work began immediately after starting business with the first major roadworks on the A72 motorway between the Bavarian state border and Pirk. Extensive traffic safety measures including mobile crash barriers were needed for 9 km resurfacing work in altogether four phases. Similarly, further along the A72 between Reichenbach and Zwickau another 10 km of mobile crash barriers needed to be inspected twice a day, maintained, modified and then dismantled again. In July, work then also began with traffic safety measures for building sites in and around Dresden itself. 4 km of the A4 motorway between the Dresden-West interchange and the Dresden-Altstadt junction, one of the busiest roads in Saxony, were to be resurfaced with a 5+1 road layout in 4 phases – naturally with AVS mobile crash barriers. This was then followed immediately by the need for traffic control measures on the A17 motorway for refurbishment of the Zschonergrund bridge between Dresden-West interchange and the Dresden-Gorbitz junction. This involved seven traffic control phases, with particularly accurate planning and execution by the Pictures: F.V.S. GmbH Roadworks at Regensburger Straße in Nürnberg. Mobile traffic lights but, thanks to Berghaus controller EPB 20 ST, with all the functions of a stationary junction controller for highly complex traffic flows, also accessible, for example, to the city traffic control centre. Programs already produced with LISA+ can be easily implemented in the mobile controller EPB 20 ST, thus allowing for prompt equivalent replacement for example in the event of failure, upgrading or modification of a stationary traffic light system. Similarly, the LISA+ software package used by many engineering firms and local authorities also simulates the whole process with vehicle traffic on the screen. In this way, produced program flows can already be tested thoroughly in the office without the actual outside system, in order to get a realistic picture of the programming. Just six months after starting business, the new branch of AVS Mellingen has already made a name for itself in Dresden for professional traffic safety in the high standard people come to expect from AVS. The picture shows the A17 motorway in Breitenau. At the request of the federal police, AVS guides traffic past the "Am Heidenholz" car park in a single lane to let the police check suspicious vehicles for possible people traffickers. team of experts from AVS in demand especially for the two extensive full road closures at Dresden-West interchange. At the same time, traffic safety measures were set up for the third major roadworks on the A4 motorway between Hainichen and Kleine Striegis viaduct. Here again, the AVS team proceeded with the extensive planning and naturally professional implementation of the full road closures for several junctions at the same time. Another key aspect consisted in implementing type-4 road layouts in 24h continuous operation at two large roadworks, which were completed with flying colours. At the moment, the AVS team from the Dresden branch is providing support for police activities on the A17 motorway. At the former frontier with the Czech Republic in Breitenau, the AVS guides traffic past the "Am Heidenholz" car park in a single lane to let the federal police check suspicious vehicles for possible gangs of people trafficker. "When you see what we've managed to achieve together in the short time since founding the AVS Dresden branch, we can definitely be satisfied with the way things have started", says branch manager Gerhard Seel in praise of his 19 AVS employees. He is looking forward to many more jobs for his experienced traffic safety team. LED technology keeps the oil slick cleaner safe Traffic will soon see bright warnings thanks to the Berghaus LED illuminated arrow and LED double warning lights on the back of the oil slick cleaner when in operation. The special vehicle will be ready for delivery once the vehicle warning markings have been applied. One interesting way of fitting a Berghaus LED illuminated arrow with lifting and lowering device to a customer vehicle is demonstrated by Wehner, a company that makes special vehicles in Kalbach near Fulda in Hesse. Wehner wanted to fit an LED illuminated arrow and a set of LED double warning lights to its oil slick cleaner vehicle to warn traffic when in operation, without exceeding a total vehicle height of 4 metres and without impeding access to the rear superstructure to any great extent. "After taking a thorough look at currently available LED illuminated arrows and how they can be integrated in our vehicles, we opted for the L15 by Berghaus", says Steffen Wehner, electrical engineer at Wehner Metallbau GmbH & Co. KG. The customer purchased a complete illuminated arrow kit with fifteen 200 mm LED lamps (just 5 cm flat) and a 340 mm Ø LED double warning light with control and electric lifting spindle drive. "Congenial cooperation with the Berghaus development department resulted in absolutely uncomplicated electrical connection of the LED illuminated arrow kit and the lifting spindle drive. The very flat lamps of the blinking arrow are ideal for our vehicle." The lifting/lowering device constructed by Wehner from the Berghaus components is fitted to the rear of the vehicle with the arrow "hanging" over the back. Rear warning devices can therefore also be fitted to high vehicles without exceeding a total height of 4 metres; to open the rear doors, a button is pressed to move the illuminated arrow into the perpendicular. Pictures: Wehner Metallbau If necessary, the LED illuminated arrow swivels up electrically to give access to the rear doors of the oil slick cleaner.

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